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August 7th 2014 AmendmentTSHOA-Covenant-Phase-I-II-III-Revision-filed-08072014.pdf
January 6, 2011 AmendmentAmendment containing various restrictions to original covenant for all PhasesTSCovenantPhaseIIIII01062011.pdf
August 4, 2010 AmendmentAmendment to original covenant documenting much of the foundation for the Associationamendment08042010.pdf
August 4, 2010 BylawsDocument containing bylaws governing membership, voting rights and Board protocol.TowneStationByLaws08042010.pdf
June 19, 2009 Phase III CovenantCovenant for Lots 120 through 171PhaseIII.pdf
June 19, 2009 Phase II CovenantCovenant for Lots 81 through 119PhaseII.pdf
September 1, 2008 AmendmentAmendment documenting voting process.Amendment09012008.pdf
August 18, 2006 Phase I CovenantCovenant for Lots 1 through 80PhaseI.pdf