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Welcome to the Neighborhood! – New Homeowner/Resident Welcome Notice
This was included with the 2015 Invoice mailing – 2015 Assessments Invoice Statement Stuffer
Check this out, if you’d like to know more – How Do I Get Involved?
This explains some of the commonly broken Covenants – Most Commonly Broken Covenants
P&L Statements from HOA inception to Current – HOA P&L Statements 2010 thru 2014
Budget for 2015, approved 02/03/2015 – 2015 HOA Budget
Towne Station HOA Collection Policy – Updated July 7th 2015 – HOA Collection Policy


HOA Tax Documents

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   2012 Tax Return (1.53 MB)
   2013 Tax Return (1.53 MB)
   2014 Tax Return (1.53 MB)